• Including, but not limited to;  

  • Litigation Support                                       - Surveillance

  • Pre-litigation Support                                 - Peace of mind investigation  

  • Witness Locates                                         -  Personal Escorts 

  • Interviewing                                                 -  Cargo Escorts

  • Process Service                                          -  Accident Investigation

  • Death Investigation                                    -  Executive Protection

  • Hostile Firing Assistance                           - Insurance Investigation 

  • Missing Persons                                         - Theft / Fraud Investigation 

You can be confident hiring KJK Investigations. You will get an experienced investigator that has worked for many years with the public, prosecutors, criminal defense, and civil attorneys.  An investigator who will work hard to gain your trust with the goal of getting your difficult questions answered for the best possible outcome. An investigator with a good understanding of criminal law, search & seizure, and the rules of evidence; avoiding fruit of the poisonous tree. An investigator who will tell you the truth, warts and all.  An investigator who has carried a firearm on-duty for 25 years and is licensed in Oregon & Washington to be armed.      
Prior to opening a case we will discuss goals, fees, expectations, and potential investigative limitations to avoid surprises for either party. Communication will be steady and agreed upon limitations will be adhered to.            


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